How Does It Work?

Your ReBrand ROI Score will grow and increase as you invest in growing and improving measurable results in your business.

Your total score is the average of your Revenue, Optimization, and Identity totals. Take a look below to see how your brand scored in each of those categories.


Revenue Score

For an established brand with a steady stream of repeat customers and a winning product, their score would most likely be in the range of 90-100%.


Your Brand Revenue score reflects whether you are offering the right products to the right clients for the right price, and making the right profit

Profitable brands build instant connections with their customers. In order for those customers to make a confident purchasing decision, the brand identity and messaging must align. Everything should be brand-focused from the sales copy to the touchpoints in customer service.

When a brand is cohesive across all its marketing channels, everything becomes smoother and money flows in easily. Partnerships and networking opportunities become a no-brainer and other companies line-up to work with the brand.


Optimization Score

For an established brand with a strong team culture and proven processes, their score would most likely be in the range of 90-100%.


Brand Optimization is right-sizing your business and processes so your team can work at maximum efficiency.

Profitable brands run like a well-oiled machine. Their visuals and messaging are tight and everyone on the team knows how to execute their tasks in alignment with the brand. Without this cohesiveness, the business runs inefficiently and profit margins decrease.

Optimizing isn’t all about processes or organization. Brands with a high Optimization score also have smooth workflows and transitions in their business as well as the customer journey. It’s ensuring everything about interacting with the brand brings a positive experience to the customer.


Identity Score

For an established brand with a clear visual identity and solid messaging, their score would most likely be in the range of 90-100%.


Brand Identity is having an instantly recognizable brand that stands head and shoulders above your competition.

Instant brand recognition is key to profitability and long-term success. Your brand personality needs to be seen, heard and felt from your logo right down to your product description and customer service emails. It needs to show up in slide decks, website copy, and even in the way you talk about your business on that next podcast.

Brand cohesiveness is just the tip of the iceberg. Creating an impactful brand isn’t all about your fonts, logo, or choosing the perfect shade of magenta. It goes much deeper than that. 

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